Conflict Management Training &ndash- Reducing workplace violence

Quell offer the widely recognised Maybo package that offers a complete conflict management training service on all aspects of dealing with workplace conflict and abuse.

Tailoring conflict resolution training and certification to meet needs
Before any conflict management training is agreed Quells experienced conflict managers will carry out a training needs analysis. This will ensure that training is designed and delivered to suit the needs of the staff, service users and the organisation. Maybo packages have pioneered scenario-based training in conflict management and personal safety, and each course incorporates real scenarios that are encountered by the staff being trained.

If the staff or employer would like recognised certification the course can be City & Guilds accredited.

Conflict management and personal safety
This core conflict management training covers how to prevent and defuse conflict and reduce risk. The learning includes:

  • Health and Safety responsibilities
  • Policy and guidance
  • Identifying flashpoints
  • Proactive service delivery
  • Risk reduction and lone working
  • Verbal and non-verbal messages
  • Calming skills
  • Managing incidents and post-incident considerations

Maybo’s scenario based conflict resolution training requires skilled facilitation. Our trainers have a professional background in managing violence ‘first hand’ in range of sectors. They then undergo a comprehensive on-going development programme to ensure they are always best placed to help people find better ways of dealing with conflict.

Effective conflict management requires action at organisational and individual level. Maybo’s conflict management programme addresses action at all levels. The programme helps staff develop skills to reduce the likelihood of incidents and to manage them effectively if they do occur.

Key content areas are:

  • Understanding and planning responses to challenging behaviour
  • Understanding factors that can escalate and de-escalate conflict
  • Using effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills to defuse potentially violent situations
  • What the law says about the use of force
  • What to do after an incident of challenging  behaviour

Physical intervention (disengagement and holding): for jobs where physical abuse is experienced please see the page on Physical Intervention Training.

Case studies in all the above training that have been effective can be found in our blog, and regular updates are added every time both Quell and Maybo carryout effective delivery of training to reduce the risk of Workplace Violence and minimise the effect of consequences on all members of staff.

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