Dealing with Telephone Aggression Training

Telephone calls are an integral part of our everyday business and dealing with Telephone Aggression by phone can prove to be very stressful.  The way in which we handle calls from aggressive people at work can defuse or escalate a situation.

This course highlights the challenges for people who encounter aggressive and sometimes intimidating telephone calls when dealing with the public. You will learn useful skills to remain calm and in control of the conversation and therefore de-escalate the behavior of the frustrated or angry caller.

You will also learn strategies to use during and on completion of an aggressive telephone call, which can assist in reducing the levels of stress which can be encountered by these incidents.

On completion of the dealing with telephone aggression training you will be able to:
  • Identify patterns of conflict unique to communicating by telephone;
  • Understand different stages of escalation;
  • Recognise specific words which can infuriate the caller;
  • Maintain self control to show professionalism;
  • Demonstrate proven skills and techniques to control the situation;
  • Demonstrate use of effective skills to alert support or report the incident effectively;
  • Use effective methods to reduce levels of stress when dealing with and after the situation.


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