Door Supervisors Upskilling Courses Increase Again

Door Supervisors Upskilling Courses Increase Again

The good news is that even though all our security courses are continually increasing Month on Month, the problems we are encountering are more and more relating to Door Supervisors who are wishing to re-license are being given the wrong information on not only when they can re-license but how to re-license as well.

Apart from the above we are also receiving a lot of Door Staff that have attended a course and found that it did not allow them to re-license or that the training provider does not upload their results to Security Industry Authority on completion of the course or exam.

A lot of people have commented to me over the past few months that it is the responsibility of the Door Supervisor to know what to do when they need to re-license  but as I always state that your average Door Supervisor has heard so many changes and false information over the years due to rumors and the various awarding bodies issuing out different statements, it is not hard to see why anyone can be mixed up if they do not work within the environment like we do at Quell.

Bottom line is that if you need to re-license  you have to attend a 1 day upskilling course that clearly covers the Physical Intervention section and also a short exam on various subjects relating to the licensed trade to enable you to be re-licensed before your date is up on your current SIA Card.

My best tip is always check, does the training provider inform the SIA of your qualifications through the Awarding Body and also how fast can it be done?

We at Quell are constantly running courses for reputable Door Company Providers and are always ensuring speed and also informing all how the process is done to enable a fluent transition of gaining the renewal of their licence.

If in doubt go ask the SIA or your training provider, and if still not sure ask us and see how come we have been one of the first to deliver the accredited security qualifications, and still work with a lot of the leading security providers in Northern Ireland.

For more information on Door Supervisors Upskilling Courses then call us at Quell on the details below.




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