We are pleased to announce that Quell in Partnership with Maybo are now delivering eLearning Conflict Management,  and we will be offering a new approach to learning effective and offering a different approach to staying safe.

We will be offering four unique and innovative e-Learning courses, which will be available to all sizes of organisations.

The courses are very simple to register for you and your staff, we then maintain and monitor all activities on your behalf therefore taking the pressure and strain off you.

You will find the courses not only competitive in price, but also effective in maintaining your staff effectiveness and overall levels of staff safety.

If you would like to know more or even test one of our Demo Models, please contact us at Quell.

These e-Learning courses can be used for an array of training advantages from:

  • Induction of new staff
  • Annual refresher training
  • Refresher training after an incident
  • Added value when used alongside practical sessions
  • Staff who have been assessed as low level

The Four Courses are broken into two main groups with each having the advantage of an added Lone Working Module.

For the Health, Education, Housing and Social Care settings:

  1. Conflict and Challenging Behaviour Awareness
  2. Conflict and Challenging Behaviour Awareness with Lone Working

For the Council, Civil Service, Transport, Leisure and General settings:

  1. Personal Safety and Conflict Awareness
  2. Personal Safety and Conflict Awareness with Lone Working

Course Description:

This e-Learning is designed for staff who may encounter workplace risks whilst performing in their role. It has a series of modules that has an estimated completion time of 90 – 100 minutes. This e-Learning maps directly to Quell / Maybo’s training programmes and therefore can be undertaken as part of a blended learning programme or as a standalone course.


  • Recognise potential flashpoints in the workplace
  • Understand different human behaviours
  • Develop effective skills to defuse and resolve incidents
  • Improve communicational skills
  • Acknowledge effects of workplace violence
  • Identify new realistic techniques when working alone


By completing or passing any of the e-Learning, you will attain the certificate Quell / Maybo e-Learning Certificate that you will be able to print straight away.



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