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We have worked within this Industry for many years and have seen the changes come thick and fast. We also know that this will continue to be the trend for some considerable time in the future. Even with these on going developments and changes we have grasped the concepts introduced and made over the years and developed with them. We fully understand the degree of fears that can be associated with them, inclusive of the concerns many people have from organisations trying to get to grips with the different roles required to operate legally, through to individuals requiring the qualification to gain employment. The requirements are clear and the licensing is strict, but our relationships with all awarding bodies and licensing authorities are strong which ensures we can always deliver.

Physical Intervention Training

Below is a blog written by Bill Fox on the changes and happenings within the Physical Intervention Training, and anyone with any questions should get in touch with us at Quell as we are one of the providers for the Physical Intervention Training in partnership with Maybo here in Northern Ireland and now also delivering […]

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