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Lone Worker Training

Lone Worker Training: Unacceptable Behaviour?   Our Lone Worker Training has yet again, gained momentum at all levels. From training people responsible on the actions required through to the staff on how they are affected by procedures and policies, but more importantly how they can feel more confident when faced with unacceptable behaviour. So what […]

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Aggressive Behaviour Training for Staff

At Quell we have been asked if Aggressive Behaviour training for staff is beneficial, or is it just something to put on the training records when they are audited for a contract or have to prove competency. Aggressive Behaviour training is not just something which is thrown together at last moment, but is designed specifically […]

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Workplace Violence Training: Am I accountable as a Manager?

Workplace Violence Training: Am I accountable as a Manager? This question is always asked on one of our workshops and it came to light after a member of staff reacted to a threat received from a member of the public, while carrying out their job role. The simple answer is that it is everyone’s responsibility to take […]

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