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De escalation Training

De escalation Training

Quell always likes to help companies small and large understand the risks they face, and more importantly if needed clarification on the training required.

Recently a company requested that we supply a workshop specifically looking into the skills to de escalate members of the public when staff are visiting off site locations.

Once we assessed the risks faced by staff, and then ensured all of their procedures were up to date and legal, we commenced with the design of the various training packages.

It did however strike us that from our experiences the terms and phrases that a lot of different companies use do vary in style and selection.

Overall the training needed through assessment to be face to face communication, with a degree of the lone working included to highlight the concerns or risks faced by staff. Overall we encourage clients to ask questions from training providers and if unsure ask the experts to what is required from the training; otherwise they may be paying for training that only hits 50% of what they require.

De escalation Training is something we at Quell always implement into our training, but we might just phrase it as something different.

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