Maybo customer references of LearnUponWe are pleased to announce that Quell in Partnership with Maybo is now delivering eLearning Lone Working and Conflict Management & Personal Safety, offering another way to keep your staff safe.

Two unique and innovative e-Learning courses, which will be available to all sizes of organisations.

The courses are very simple to register for you and your staff, we then maintain and monitor all activities on your behalf, therefore, taking the pressure and strain off you.

You will find the courses not only competitive in price but also effective in maintaining your staff effectiveness and overall levels of staff safety.

These e-learning courses can be used for an array of training advantages from:

  • Induction of new staff
  • Annual refresher training (Low Risks)
  • Refresher training after an incident
  • Added value when used alongside practical sessions
  • Staff who have been assessed as low level

The Three Courses we are offering are below and more details can be obtained by contacting us at Quell:

Reducing Conflict and Violence Risks – COVID-19 Edition:

Course Length – 20 mins approx

Course cost – £20 + vat per person

Note: Certification given at the end of the complete course (CPD)


This eLearning course explores the risks we may experience and the steps we can take to reduce conflict during these challenging times when working in customer-facing roles.

It highlights how we can communicate positively with customers and keep everyone safe, and has been updated to include advice relevant to COVID-19, in addition to covering more regular scenarios, such as angry customers, theft and disruptive behaviours experienced in our shops and restaurants.

Objectives –

  • Proactive measures to reduce conflict and risk during restrictions
  • Key messages and employer considerations
  • Personal safety guidance
  • Addressing behaviours of concern
  • Actions following an incident

Safer Lone Working:

This eLearning programme explores the risks we may experience when working alone and the steps we can take to increase our personal safety.

Course 1  |  Lone Working  |  30 minutes

This course is for those staff that work alone as part of their role

Section 1  |  Risks, Vulnerabilities of Lone Working

Section 2  |  Risk reduction Measures we can take to prepare for Working Alone

Section 3  |  reducing Risk when Travelling Alone

Section 4 |  Reduce Risk when arriving at a Premises

Duration: 30 minutes (approx)

Conflict Management & Personal Safety:

This eLearning programme is designed for people working in public-facing roles who may encounter conflict or workplace violence. It contains two courses, each with three sections.

Course 1  |  Preventing Conflict and Reducing Risk  |  1 hour 20 minutes

This course is for people who regularly interact with customers or members of the public in their role.

Section 1  |  Risks, Rights and Responsibilities  |  30 minutes

Section 2  |  Understanding Human Behaviour  |  30 minutes

Section 3  |  Positive Interactions and Choices  |  20 minutes


Course 2  |  De-escalation Skills  |  55 minutes

This course explores de-escalation strategies to resolve a difficult situation and achieve a positive and safer outcome while maintaining personal safety.

Section 1  |  Dynamic Risk Assessment and Decision Making  |  20 minutes

Section 2  |  De-escalation Skills  |  20 minutes

Section 3  |  Personal Safety and Post-incident  |  15 minutes

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes (approx)


By completing or passing any of the e-Learning, you will attain the certificate Quell / Maybo e-Learning Certificate that you will be able to print straight away.