Our Approach to WPV

At Quell, we are more than just a training company, and our 10 years of experience is vast within the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and international arena.

We cover the issues of workplace violence from addressing seminars, conferences and speaking to organisations through to addressing existing or non existing policies, procedures or guidelines, to designing workable and realistic training that your staff can understand and more importantly follow, and therefore helping you effect change towards improving safety and attitude to violence in the workplace.

Our initial assessment will include a Training Needs Analysis that will encompass an on site visit and discussion with selected person(s). The purpose of this is to gain as many relevant and useful factors that will then form the plan for everyone to structure beneficial workplace system, training development, post incident investigation systems and advice on support paths that can be directed towards your specific organisational concerns.

The training review we deliver is specifically aimed at your industry, for any size of business and across any type of organisation in any sector. We can offer assistance, from ensuring all the guidance systems and workshops are directed at all levels of Directors, Managers, Supervisors and members of staff.

Below is an example of the United Kingdoms approach to workplace violence, however both the Republic of Ireland, European and many international countries have similar approaches against violence in the workplace.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) States:

“The best way to tackle violence is for Employers and Employees to work together to decide what to do”

This is why we, at Quell, conduct thorough and detailed reviews in every workplace we enter.

What Should the Employer Know?

Employers should know that under the Occupational Safety & Health Act 1970, it is the Moral, Economic and Legal  responsibility of the employer to provide  each and every employee with safe and secure conditions within which to work.  The law clearly states that it is the duty of the employer to ensure that all employees work under conditions that are free from the threat of abuse, threats and violence – whether from intimidation in the workplace by colleagues – or by clientele or members of the public.  The legal responsibility of this in the U.K. is the Health and Safety Executive, and we work tirelessly to ensure that the training we provide meet the rigorous standards set by the Government.

What is a workplace violence review?

This is a detailed ‘Training Needs Analysis’ with a structured approach which analyses past incidents, reviews risk assessments in relation to lone working or workplace violence and takes into consideration any relevant legal aspects. The TNA seeks to assess key aspects in the workplace, such as:

  • The exposure staff face from abuse, threats and assaults (Workplace Violence)
  • What factors make that exposure more likely to happen
  • What vulnerabilities exist such as lone working, day or night working or isolated conditions
  • The existence of triggers drawn from employees’ experiences
  • The overall impact of this environmental exposure
  • How can this exposure to risk be managed and decreased

The format of the review will then be turned into a relevant and completely tailored training programme including:

  • The training design (carried out with guidance and acceptance from the organisation)
  • Delivering the training (including workshops encompassing scenarios, group activities and relevant skills)
  • Evaluation of the training (validation and report provided on findings and additional recommendations)

Outlined below is an example of the direction our reviews will follow, the key points surrounding the subject of workplace violence and the main areas of the primary, secondary and tertiary that all responsible employees should follow:

  • What is the definition of workplace violence
  • An acknowledgement of commitment by the employer and employee
  • What support and risk methods should be used
  • Relevant risk assessments
  • The effects of violence
  • Effective communicational skills
  • Reporting systems
  • After effects of workplace violence
  • Information and workplace violence training

The purpose of our risk review of ‘Workplace Violence’ is to take an organisation through these steps, with the end goal of effectively designing and implementing a clear and concise workplace policy, beginning with reviewing the needs of the organisation and carrying through to delivering a realistic and professional workshop in line with all the findings from the initial review. This ensures the programme we deliver is completely tailored towards the needs identified within your organisation.

Our aim is to help all organisations reduce the risk of workplace violence, through effective reviews and training.

For more information on Our Approach to Workplace Violence Training and Risk Review please contact us at Quell.


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