About Us

We have been established since 2005 and have had an influx of interest and requests for our training since day one starting from within Northern Ireland, then expanding into the United Kingdom, Southern Ireland and now interest as far as Iraq and Asia has developed within the past year, and this can be put down to various approaches and methods of how we conduct ourselves and the way we treat everyone we encounter on a daily basis.

The approach we have taken since we formed was to ensure that we concentrated on “Respect” to anyone that we delivered our consultancy or training to, and that is from the person wanting one of our accredited courses on our open workshops through to the large organisations we now work with in partnership developing skills and methods to prevent, deter and defuse workplace violence.

Many people ask us what we are most proudest about when it comes to our accomplishments over the years: The main answer is that every client we have started with has remained with us and used our services year after year, and we put that down the most important factor of listening to our clients and ensuring we deliver what they need.

Our last point that may be of interest about us is that the majority of our work has not come from advertising or expensive marketing exercises, but from recommendations and referrals by our clients, and that to us is a remarkable compliment to the consultancy and training we provide our clients.

At Quell, our training team has a vast array of experience that we believe puts us ahead of any others in our training field. Our trainers, a diverse group with many combined decades of experience across many different sectors, offer a wealth of knowledge in a friendly and approachable manner.


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