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Managing Workplace Violence for Managers This course has become one of our fastest development courses for managers over the recent months, in both the United Kingdom and within the Island of Ireland. It has alerted those in roles of responsibilities to the risks faced by staff and the consequences of not being proactive in protecting…[Read More]

When Do I Stop worrying about Personal Safety This subject was discussed with me and a colleague just recently after I was involved in what can be termed as a minor incident on my return North from Dublin.

Harassment Training (Personal Safety) When anyone within the workplace describes the subject of Harassment … it does pose the thought of internal conflict between members of staff. However from our experience this has also been from external persons as well.

De escalation Training Quell always likes to help companies small and large understand the risks they face, and more importantly if needed clarification on the training required. Recently a company requested that we supply a workshop specifically looking into the skills to de escalate members of the public when staff are visiting off site locations.

By Ricky Thompson New statistics show the shock extent of physical attacks on Northern Ireland’s traffic wardens. Downtown Radio & Cool FM can reveal today that more than 60 assaults have taken place over the last five years. One incident included a case of assault with intent to cause serious harm. But there were also…[Read More]

Managing Lone Workers Training Trebles in the Current Climate We at Quell Training have seen an increase in our training packages due to mangers realising that they are more accountable if their lone working staff are injured or assaulted in the workplace.

This can often be said to us during questions from potential clients as to the cost and should they really invest in our type of training delivery. We also have to understand that added costs to any business can put pressure on them, inclusive of wasted working hours, productivity and if the training is realistic…[Read More]

Workplace Violence: Does Signage Work? This request came through our website over the weekend and apart from the initial statement the person asking wanted to know was it worth investing in a sign to warn the public, that any form of abuse will not be tolerated by his staff.

Breakaway Training: Do we need it? We have been asked over the years about breakaway training, and this has been asked by all sectors from Public, Private, Voluntary to name a few but we have always stuck by our guidelines of what is the risk faced.

Reasons to have a workplace violence policy (A Legal perspective) Whenever we hear the word legal or anything to do with inspection or audit, a cold shudder can sometimes follow, as it also can mean that someone could be liable for blame.