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Dealing with Challenging Behaviour Training is now a priority….. This is something we at Quell have been discussing this year already as Dealing with Challenging Behaviour Training is now a priority for most organisations trying to prevent incidents of workplace violence. We have been actively working with organisations from the Public, Private and Community &…[Read More]

Safety Awareness Training          The term ‘ Personal Safety Awareness Training ’ is another heading that recently appears to being put out there as another form of training, but realistically it is Personal Safety Training just with the word “Awareness” added. Personal Safety Training is a key area that any employer should…[Read More]

Recently when delivering a session on Lone Worker Training an attendee commented before I had even started my session that he did not need the training, as he had done the job for 20 years and all he needed to remember was if he got in a difficult situation was to have no witnesses! I…[Read More]

At the moment there are many pieces of new technology being touted as the newest way to keep ourselves safe. Whilst I agree that this new equipment is very useful and very practical I do at times get a little concerned that lots of organisations are buying this technology and equipment and seeing it as…[Read More]

It still surprises me sometimes that when I ask organisations (throughout multiple sectors), ‘do they have a plan if a member of staff is threatened or assaulted’? That I still get the response, ‘we would ring Human Resources’ and then they reply, ‘we would ring the PSNI’. That all sounds great on paper, but when…[Read More]

This statement was made during one of our Lone working sessions last week. Seems like a simple enough comment to most but this is a common theme that a lot of the lone workers that we have trained have stated. It is impossible at times to judge the mood or attitude lone workers will encounter…[Read More]

Lone Worker Training: Unacceptable Behaviour?   Our Lone Worker Training has yet again, gained momentum at all levels. From training people responsible on the actions required through to the staff on how they are affected by procedures and policies, but more importantly how they can feel more confident when faced with unacceptable behaviour. So what…[Read More]

At Quell we have been asked if Aggressive Behaviour training for staff is beneficial, or is it just something to put on the training records when they are audited for a contract or have to prove competency. Aggressive Behaviour training is not just something which is thrown together at last moment, but is designed specifically…[Read More]

Should I report if I am threatened after work? Every now and then I get a question that can make me pause and question myself to think “did I hear that right”. I was out and about recently training and doing a risk assessment on workplace violence for a particular company, when during this visit…[Read More]

Workplace violence training is a taboo subject that is on the increase and a number of business’s have a tendency to say ‘it never happens in our business or they just have not realised that it does happen’.  So let’s sit back and think about the wording of that statement, after all it does strike…[Read More]