Workplace Violence Courses

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Maybo Accredited Training

If you wish to avail of our Maybo Train the Trainer Conflict Management Course, then please get in touch with us for further details and see how we can help you and your organisation reduce risks through our training.

At Quell we offer training that is designed towards your own organisation and the potential risks you may face.

As with many organisations, it is very easy to use generic training to meet most requirements, and from working in partnership with our clients we have proven that taking the time to identify the problems and concerns benefits the return for your money.

Every organisation that requires the training we provide can probably find someone that can train these skills at a basic level, but can they meet the requirements you really need?

The training we provide is of a high standard and that shows in our client list, as every organisation we have started with over the past 9yrs has remained our client and has always continued to use our services. We have not a lost client or fallen short of the goals we set for ourselves as we are dedicated to not just listen to them, but understand exactly what they require to ensure we meet the aims and objectives.

At Quell we have always prided ourselves on not just being a services provider, but a company that is here to help reduce and prevent incidents relating to workplace violence.

If you have any questions or issues you would like to assistance in, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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