Conflict Management Training

Could you deal with an aggressive individual in a legal and safe manner?  What steps can you take to ensure your own and other’s safety?  What would you do if you or a colleague, customer or anyone was verbally abused, threatened or potentially assaulted?

Our Conflict Management Training will address issues specifically directed towards your risks and help prepare you to deal confidently and effectively with situations that can effect a persons safety.  It aims to increase your knowledge and awareness of workplace violence and personal safety.

The training will equip you with the proven skills you need to assess risk, avoid conflict, communicate effectively and diffuse or calm in a difficult situation.  We will also look at high risk conflict and what you need to consider after an incident occurs.

On the training we use, scenario based learning to enhance the Conflict Management Training using realistic situations.

Training will cover the following key objectives:
  • Understanding the Health & Safety Regulations and the legal implications that relate to specific job roles;
  • Identifying behaviour that indicates an escalation towards confrontation, taking the appropriate action to calm and defuse the situation;
  • Understanding triggers and inhibitors so as to reduce the threat of violence within the workplace;
  • Selecting the most appropriate course of action so that effective communication skills can be achieved with the aid of scenario-based training;
  • Identifying relevant and useful skills and techniques in relation to personal safety in the working environment.


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