Lone Working: Practical Skills to Reduce Risk When Working Alone

Lone workers or those that are Lone Working at times often find themselves in vulnerable situations due to the nature of their work.  Their role can involve working off site, meeting people they know little about and sometimes working outside normal working hours.

This training will enable you to gain a full understanding of the definition of Workplace Violence and appreciate how your actions are accountable under current legislative acts.  You will learn key tools and techniques to deal effectively with conflict and receive personal safety training to build confidence while working alone.  On this course, scenario based learning is used to enhance the training using realistic situations.

On completion of the course, you will have a greater understanding of how to deal effectively with conflict to ensure your personal safety while working alone through:

  • Understanding the legal implications surrounding the role of lone working;
  • Understanding policy, procedures and systems in relation to lone working;
  • Assessing the risks associated with your specific lone working role;
  • Identifying and risk assessing lone working situations;
  • Being shown how to recognise when someone escalates through the emotional cycle to aggressive natures;
  • Developing effective and realistic skills to ensure personal safety and reducing risk when leaving aggressive situations;
  • Learning and understanding the methods and procedures to be followed in the event of an incident and near miss;
  • Understanding the importance of reporting incidents.


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