Management and Prevention of Workplace Violence

Being responsible for staff brings a range of responsibilities including a duty to ensure the well-being and safety of everyone associated with your business, and the understanding of the Management and Prevention of workplace violence is an important factor for you.

This course will clearly and succinctly explain responsibilities and legislation which is pertinent to those who manage staff who face the public, inclusive of those who lone work, thus increasing the awareness of legal duties and procedures which should be in place. It will give you guidance, solutions and workable plans / templates that will assist you in securing best practice to improve safety for all staff.

It aims to increase your knowledge and awareness of Managing both internal staff and lone working personnel by ensuring that you prevent, deter or defuse incidents occurring.

The training will help with Management and Prevention of Workplace Violence and how to set up systems, which reduce risk and advise you as to how to best support your staff following an incident of work related violence.

Effective and realistic case studies, discussion and practical guidance will further enhance this training.

On completion of the workshop, attendees will have developed a better understanding of strategies used in assessing and reducing the risk of violence for staff and will be equip you with the skills needed for supporting staff in the event of a work related incident.

Examples of the key objectives are listed below:

  • Identifying the factors which contribute to making a safer environment for staff and customers or service users to operate within – risk assessments;
  • Appreciation of the legislation, policies and procedures required to reduce risks;
  • Developing and sharing of information and promoting change management;
  • Preparing for potential incidents (the “what if” scenario.);
  • Supporting staff following an incident of work related violence, (post-incident management).

Ensuring staff safety is a complex and difficult challenge for those who are not familiar with workplace violence, and it can also have devastating effects if not addressed. So why not let us help and guide you through this process to promote change towards overall staff safety.


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