Personal Safety in the Workplace and Awareness Training

Many people tend to take their personal safety for granted thinking nothing will ever happen to them.   However, violence in the workplace is becoming more commonplace.  Assaults and aggression does not need to happen just in the workplace, it can happen when going or coming from meetings or visits even to the point of entering or leaving work.

A high degree of employees have had to take time off work due to being placed in potentially threatening situations or positions where they are unable to seek support or help.

This training is specifically tailored to your sector.  It uses recent, real-life incidents as a basis around which effective methods and skills are taught which are proven to reduce the  level of risk in aggressive or threatening situations.   In-depth discussions, practical group work and realistic scenarios are carried out to ensure that you are prepared to confidently deal with a real life incident.

On completion of the personal safety training, you will have the ability to act accordingly and use proven skills and techniques to effectively ensure your personal safety in any given situation.

The content covered in the course includes:
  • Understanding the escalation of aggressive natures;
  • Identifying what can escalate a situation;
  • Using and learning from a personal safety training model which can assist in improving your ‘Personal Safety Risk Assessment’;
  • Demonstrating the use of effective, plausible excuses and reasons to leave potentially volatile situations;
  • Key skills on how to drive, park and walk;
  • Taking control of the environment or situation when on a meeting or home visit;
  • Contingency planning and the ability to pro-actively gain support;
  • Equipment and techniques which can assist in reducing stress if a situation occurs;
  • Demonstrating the use of skills and techniques to calm a difficult or threatening situation.


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