Risk Assessing Workplace Violence or Lone Working

Quell is fully versed and qualified in helping organisations to devise change in areas relating to workplace violence or lone working, inclusive of understanding the sensitive and confidentiality that is needed with these delicate matters.

Risk assessing a role is a vital part of the responsibility we all have, and at times can be generic or unintentionally missed, however we all also hold that duty of care and with guidance’s from Health & Safety, Employment Law and Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide this can be daunting.

Assessing the roles within an organisation is an imperative step to promoting the safety and well-being of everyone, however it is also more important that when you are responsible for staff that are lone working, customer facing or both, that the correct approach is used to ascertain the right levels of risks that need to be addressed.

Abuse, Threats and Assaults are a sensitive matter, and is not purely as simple as having a meeting and placing a few procedures in place. Now more than ever have legal justice systems and many different types of regulating bodies seen the importance of ensuring staff safety within the workplace from violence.

We at Quell help many organisations within different sectors to clearly identify issues relating to workplace violence, and then take appropriate steps to prevent, deter and defuse these by some of the following approaches:

  • Assessment of current policies, procedures or guidelines in place;
  • Create, modify or adapt current systems to meet required guidelines;
  • Discuss and review staff current methods of personal safety, lone working or dealing with people;
  • Review previous training aims, objectives and methodology to mirror and compare to current practices for effectiveness;
  • Design and implement a workable plan to enable the organisation to move forward with changes that promote systems and more importantly a change to attitudes and behaviours towards the risks relating to workplace violence.

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