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Feedback from Apex Housing Association on Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual Classroom Training

Prior to March 2020 we had been running regular events facilitated by Quell however COVID 19 restrictions very quickly put a halt to the face to face training for Personal Safety.

Quell rapidly & proactively put a process in place to convert their program to an eLearning/ virtual platform via zoom.  Initially, staff were anxious as this was the first time many had delved into digital learning to such a level. Hilary & Will supported a pilot program and following this the feedback from staff was so positive that we have not had concerns regarding accessing events from the vast majority of staff.  Staff enjoyed the interactiveness of the zoom sessions with the completion of polls & breakout rooms for group work which added to their ability for engagement.  Staff also commented on Wills enthusiasm being just as energetics as face to face.


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