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Preventing Workplace Violence E-Learning Courses

Preventing Workplace Violence E-Learning Courses

Take your staff training on preventing workplace violence, personal safety and conflict management online. Our market leading accredited learning courses train your staff and ensure compliance while making delivery as convenient as possible for you and your staff completing the course. Our e-learning training is interactive, engaging and proved highly successful for our clients in a wide range of sectors.

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We utilise the latest learning technologies and methods to engage and upskill your teams. We use realistic scenarios that you staff may encounter and interactive exercises to provide a full and effective learning experience. 

The pandemic has seen a shift towards online learning and we are striving to provide our training in a range of mediums that best meet our clients needs.

You can choose to complete fully online training courses or complete them as part of a blended learning experience. You can discuss what will work best with our team.

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Quell has brought together some of the most experienced trainers, assessors and advisers in the UK & Ireland.

Our team is driven by ensuring the prevention of “Workplace Violence” and is maximised by our training courses and workshops.

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