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Feedback from a Government Department

I attended some training delivered by Quell on Conflict Management and resolution.  I was initially sceptical about how well this would work in a virtual environment and the degree of engagement between participants and with the trainer that would be possible.  However, Will, who delivered the training,  did a great job in ensuring all participants were actively involved in both ‘plenary’ and syndicate group sessions.  The technology worked seamlessly in moving between the two sessions and in both settings the discussions flowed easily and naturally, without the technology creating significant barriers.

 In preparation for the training, Quell provided clear instructions on how to access the Video conference and a link to instructions on how to use the platform.  No prior installation or downloading of software was required.  They also provided a series of reminder emails, which facilitated the internal organisation and ensuring those who had signed up, joined the training at the right time.  Following the course, certificates and a course guide were provided to all participants.  The guide is a useful reference and covers the key points from the course.

 Overall, I found that Quell offered professional service and effectively delivered a training course remotely, without any compromise on quality.

Government Official

(Unable to give name due to Civil Service Constraints)

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