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Should we trust Technology to keep us Safe

At the moment there are many pieces of new technology being touted as the newest way to keep ourselves safe. Whilst I agree that this new equipment is very useful and very practical I do at times get a little concerned that lots of organisations are buying this technology and equipment and seeing it as a one stop shop for staff safety.

However can technology read body language?  Can it understand the warning signs that a person may be about to be triggered into anger or aggression? Can it stop you saying something inappropriate at the wrong time in a stressful situation that may then escalate the situation? Can it advise you where to stand in a house or an office with a clear exit route?

I would also be concerned that some workers may even be getting into situations that they should never be in because of a misguided belief that this new technology is like a magic wand which can get them out of any situation.

Whilst I totally agree that any technology that can be introduced to make a worker safer can only be a good thing I am very aware that we can never allow this to become a short cut or a quick fix.  There is no substitute for actually training your staff in practical skills such as lone working, conflict management or dealing with difficult people.

Interpersonal skills, being aware of body language and signs of escalation and personal safety are the real essential skills that all staff require.  Once this training has taken place then any practical technology that can be used as extra safety would be a very welcome addition for the worker. Even then let us not forget to train the staff fully in its usage and how it works alongside the other practical skills.

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Blog by Will Holland

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