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Dont risk Lone Worker Safety to cut costs

Don’t risk Lone Worker Safety to cut costs

The majority of people who hear the above statement of, ‘don’t risk Lone Worker Safety to cut costs’ would immediately think that it does not happen.  However through recent research it is becoming more apparent that certain aspects of ensuring staff safety is being put down to hoping for the best.

We at Quell always run by our statement of expect the worse and hope for the best.

The above statement refers to a long list of things that some organisations might avoid putting in place because an incident towards their lone workers has not happened (yet)!

If you way up the cost of putting measures in place to avoid incidents against your lone workers or staff against the hassle of having a member of staff off work for a period of time, or possibly the need for a temp to cover the workload, or additional pressure that other staff would inevitably end up with due to having to ‘take up the slack’, plus the possibility that you may have civil action taken against you for not acting responsibly enough does tilt the balance towards prevention is better than any cure.

Recently incidents towards lone workers or acts of aggression have been recognised by the media, as more and more high profile cases of negligence by employees or line mangers is being pushed into the limelight.

A manger asked me the other day about the subject of responsibility and what really could happen if an incident was directed to court action.  My initial response was that they should be prepared to provide documentation and then evidence on how they did everything in line with company policy and made a viable attempt to protect their staff etc (which can be very costly and time consuming), however my final point on this subject was about survival for him as an individual and I asked him to imagine that if he was asked to leave his organisation because of his lack of care…….who would employ him in the future (he didn’t reply)?

We take the subject of workplace violence seriously and we ask anyone responsible to think and don’t risk lone worker safety to cut costs.

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Blog by Will Holland

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