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Managers tell support staff that abuse is part of the job…..Is this really where we are at now?

The below article is another indication that the increase of awareness in the subject of workpace violence is now part of the working day, and it also highlights how some managers think it is right for staff to be abused, threatend and assaulted in the workplace.I was teaching only this week when a delegate on my course commented that threatening behaviour was part of her job, to which I asked her to show me on her job discription where it stated that it was?

Every member of Quell face challenges like this constantly during our training, but over the past few years the interest and wanting by managers to protect their staff is increasing very slowley. One of the problems some managers do not realise is that more and more employees are taking their managers to court because they have not protected or had them trained professionally to deal with when assaulted by either a colleague or members of the public, when carrying out their job.

Times are changing and managers or those that are responsible for the safety of staff  need to realise that if their is a risk to their staff from any form of abuse, threats or assaults that they will be held accountable if something happens.

If you need help or guidence do not wait till something happens, take the time to talk to us and see if you have all the right steps in place to protect your staff.

Blog by Will Holland




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