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Safety Awareness Training         

The term ‘ Personal Safety Awareness Training ’ is another heading that recently appears to being put out there as another form of training, but realistically it is Personal Safety Training just with the word “Awareness” added.

Personal Safety Training is a key area that any employer should realistically concentrate on if he or she has identified a risk to themselves or their staff. Awareness is a part of the training that looks at how we can recognise a problem, and then think how they could prevent, deter or even defuse it escalating.

Over the past few months I have been delivering more and more seminars and talks on the subject of workplace violence, that incorporates both lone working and personal safety, and a lot of attendees are coming to me or the Quell team to ask questions about the terminology or wording that they have heard that has confused them in understanding what the training they specifically need.

In simple terms a lot of people use fancy names and phrases to explain different types of training requirements, but overall the best approach is to identify the risk and then think of the best form of training to meet that demand.

Personal safety training is another path that can be taken if you think it is what you need, however the training of workplace violence is like a menu and if you need certain elements like lone working or dealing with aggressive people, then this can also be added to the menu to meet your needs.

If you think you need help or guidance on personal safety awareness training and the best approach to your requirements, then please contact us below and we are more than happy to help you find the right training for you.

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