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Personal Safety Courses: Summertime is not the time to drop your guard

Personal Safety Courses: Summertime is not the time to drop your guard

The summer is fast approaching and I am sure like us you are hoping for hot sunny days that are stress free as the last thing anyone wants is hassle when the sun is shining!

However from our experiences we have noticed that when the sun is high and the mornings and evenings are brighter some people have a tendency to let their personal safety lapse.

The Personal Safety Courses that we deliver not only focus on the dark dismal mornings or even the dreary nights when you are working alone, or meeting clients outside of normal hours of work (What are normal working hours?), we also focus on the ‘what if’ and also look at how our attitude changes with the seasons.  We then focus on the risks we may encounter in those seasons, for example if you look at the summer evenings you may encounter more antisocial behaviour in open spaces like parks, car parks or beside playgrounds so we focus on how you plan your visits or how you leave a building or area.

We often take our personal safety for granted and think that it will never happen to us, and that’s when our awareness drops and we then find ourselves in situations of difficulty or trouble.  Personal safety courses have increased in certain sectors however there is still an unawareness or ignorance by some employers who still deny that anything could possibly happen to their staff and then place training like personal safety courses on hold.

If you feel at risk as an individual in your role or as an employer or manager and you have assessed the risk of your employees and found that they may be facing problems, and then feel they might benefit from our personal safety courses, then we would advise you to talk to us and see how we can help you prevent, deter and defuse a possible risk.

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