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Personal Safety Training: Should we take it serious or is it Society’s Problem?

This question was given to us recently when we were delivering personal safety training to Physiologists/Care Assistants when carrying out lone working in areas of risk.

Recently we were training a series of groups in personal safety for the care sector and addressing, how can they reduce the risk to them from being threatened and assaulted, when one of the learners asked ‘should we take our personal safety seriously as society is becoming more aggressive every day’? Now if you think that is a bit of a bold statement and none of us can deny that levels of aggression have risen, or do we all just have a better awareness of the problem these days?

Personal safety training is a tool that those who face risks should learn, but again it is aimed at the level the person will encounter. As an example; in the class that I was training individuals had encountered problems from being held in the home of a patient through frustration, to being approached by their car as they were leaving an estate. This level of risk is classed as high and levels of training and procedures can help reduce the risk, but as for society risks it is not necessarily a different type just interpreted differently, because we encounter the society problems as stated above when we are off work and socialising, or in our personal behaviour and therefore react differently.

Training in personal safety and any form of skills can help people in both their private or professional behaviours, and yes we do agree the level of aggression is increasing, but our reactions are also decreasing as people are ignoring or dismissing it when people are being aggressive, until it spills over or their own levels of confidence reduce to such a level that when they are assaulted the problem is at such a high level they are unable to control the outcome.

Take any form of aggression seriously and always ensure that you or your people are trained to such a level that it does protect all.

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Blog by Will Holland


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