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Quell Speaks at Various Seminars & Conferences

SignageOver the past few years not only have our services been requested to help reduce workplace violence by implementing new procedures or revise training delivery, but we have been inundated this year for us to speak at various forums on various subjects relating to violence in the workplace.

Our experience in engaging with the audience and ability to highlight how small steps in assessing risks, can assist in addressing the exact training requirements that can help change behaviours towards staff improving their own has been requested more and more throughout the year.

The seminars and conferences we are now asked to speak at are becoming more focused on the risks faced by staff in the terms of violence and aggression, and it is a known fact that the more a person understands a subject, the more they will not only address it head on, but feel more confident to implement changes for the long term.

If you need or would benefit from our knowledge of workplace violence, or would like some guidance on how we can help you with your seminar or conference for both internally or various stakeholders then speak to us at Quell and see how we can help you.

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