Top 10 Tips for Keeping Safe at Work


If you or one of your colleagues was involved in an incident would you know what to do?



Workplace Violence specialists Quell have put together their Top 10 Tips for keeping safe at work:

  1. Know your Company Policy: Every professional company ensures staff know where they stand in relation to customers and how to act accordingly in situations
  2. Be professional: Take pride in your work and strive to offer a high standard of customer service as this will reduce the likelihood of having to deal with unhappy or aggressive customers.
  3. Eye Contact: This skill is paramount when dealing with agitated or disgruntled customers.  Maintain eye contact when communicating.
  4. Clear Dialogue: Limit the speed at which you speak  as accent and language can be barriers to effective communication
  5. Information: Often customers simply want information, so if you have an aggressive or frustrated customer a clear, short explanation can help ease tension.
  6. Stance: Body language is crucial. When faced with an aggressive customer you should stand slightly side on with feet apart and keep a distance between you.  This allows you to move away from violent actions if threatened.
  7. Assistance: Think of simple code words which can alert other members of staff to a problem, without making the aggressor aware or alarming the other customers.  You can then work effectively as a team to find a safe, fast solution to the problem.
  8. Plausible Excuse: Have a sentence in your head, which would allow you to leave a confrontation safely without escalating the situation. (Example:  If you give me 2 mins Sir I will see what I can do)
  9. Self Confidence: A confident appearance and approach will limit the chances of the customer becoming more emotional and frustrated with you.  You should be assertive but not aggressive and never use sarcasm.
  10. Empathy: Everyone has a bad day – your customer could simply be stressed out.  Empathising with someone is one of the  most effective means of reducing aggression

For further advice on Conflict Management, Personal Safety, Lone Working or Dealing with Aggressive People you can contact Quell on 028 90393 482 or visit their website –

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