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Workplace Violence Courses: Triggers

We all have had incidents when we have been working and someone says something to annoy us.  This could be by a fellow member of staff or even outside the workplace e.g. member of public, customer or client, but one of the most frustrating comments or phrases that can make us “snap” is something that is designed to embarrass us.

Triggers are things that can either make us verbally or physically react to situations, but the most common one of all is when someone intentionally embarrasses us and depending on the time and place this can sometimes have a devastating effect.

Workplace violence is a large subject that breaks down into various sub subjects and one of them is conflict management that is designed to help people identify the key things that make them emotionally react to incidents of workplace violence.

We have always approached the subject very carefully and helped many organisations understand what can make them or their staff react aggressively to situations, and most of the time it is due to them being made to look stupid through embarrassment.

Training in workplace violence is a tool that enables staff to clearly see the line and have systems to compensate the incident if it arises, therefore avoiding problems or issues escalating.

If you would like more information on how we approach training in relation to our workplace violence courses or need help in identifying your need, then please contact us at Quell.



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