Virtual Classroom Training

Over the past few weeks, we at Quell have been requested by many of our long term clients to review different ways of delivering training, and more importantly, ensuring that the message of staying safe is kept to the forefront.

Many of our colleagues in other training companies have looked more at the eLearning side of training and this had caused our clients to claw away as they feel their staff are fed up with this approach. Then when it was suggested that Virtual Classroom Training could be introduced, there was the perception that it would be boring and non-interactive.

To be a good trainer you have to able to adapt and introduce new methods, and just because you are doing something new or indifferent to your normal routine does not mean you can’t experiment.

We at Quell look at the Virtual Training Classroom environment as a new challenge, and with imagination and participation, it can be adapted to meet the needs of the client needs.

At Quell we have taken the traditional method of sitting in front of a screen and talking and then blended it with the classroom and virtual world to engage and encourage.

If you would like to see how we at Quell have taken two of our popular courses (Lone Working / Dealing with Difficult People /Incidents) then visit us to find our more.

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