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Aggressive Behaviour Training for Staff

At Quell we have been asked if Aggressive Behaviour training for staff is beneficial, or is it just something to put on the training records when they are audited for a contract or have to prove competency.

Aggressive Behaviour training is not just something which is thrown together at last moment, but is designed specifically for the attendees to not only recognise the signs of aggression, but also to have the confidence to deal with it effectively.

We constantly ask attendees during our training, are people’s expectations outweighing their needs; and the answer is usually “yes”. For example a maintenance person only needs to enter a building and fix a certain problem, however the tenant or resident expects them to either replace or improve on the problem, inclusive of at times expressing emotions over the orginisation the staff member works for and this can evoke frustrations, and in some instances escalating into aggression if their demands are not met or listened to …

Training in fields like aggression has always been around and delivered in various manners, but the only way proven to gain results is to place the attendees in a position during the training, to emotionally as best it can, e experience the aggression at face value and then learn instinctive moves to either defuse or exit safely without escalating.

We specialise in all forms of training relating to Workplace Violence and if you need more information on Aggressive Behaviour Training for staff, please get in touch via the details below and we will be more than happy to guide you through the different levels of training we supply.

Blog by Will Holland

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