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Personal Safety Training in Northern Ireland is it being ignored? Personal safety training is not just something that should be put down to as a box to tick exercise, as it should be taken seriously if you or members of your staff have a recognised risk of physical harm.

Dealing with Difficult People Training What kind of job do you think needs this type of training is? Well we can tell you at Quell a long list of jobs in the public, private and voluntary that actually does attend our training courses; however the problem we encounter from many staff is the admittance at…[Read More]

  Work Related Violence Training Work related violence training is yet another phrase that we come across now on a regular basis, as someone has heard from someone else or they have attended a seminar on Health & Safety and remember it is something that may need addressed, but still are not sure of what…[Read More]

We at Quell over the years have been approached by many different organisations within our sector of workplace violence, from panic alarms to different types of training aids, but a high degree of our clients know how cautious we have always been at putting the name of Quell against a certain product, a lot of…[Read More]

Dealing with Challenging Behaviour Training is now a priority….. This is something we at Quell have been discussing this year already as Dealing with Challenging Behaviour Training is now a priority for most organisations trying to prevent incidents of workplace violence. We have been actively working with organisations from the Public, Private and Community &…[Read More]

It still surprises me sometimes that when I ask organisations (throughout multiple sectors), ‘do they have a plan if a member of staff is threatened or assaulted’? That I still get the response, ‘we would ring Human Resources’ and then they reply, ‘we would ring the PSNI’. That all sounds great on paper, but when…[Read More]

At Quell we have been asked if Aggressive Behaviour training for staff is beneficial, or is it just something to put on the training records when they are audited for a contract or have to prove competency. Aggressive Behaviour training is not just something which is thrown together at last moment, but is designed specifically…[Read More]

Personal Safety Training Why? Recently whilst carrying out training needs analysis within an organisation the above question was asked.  The person asking the question did not ask it in a callous way or indeed mean any intent of questioning the training to be provided, but it was asked in the manner of why has it…[Read More]

Personal Safety Training is becoming more recognised It is clear to us at Quell that over the years the subject of Personal Safety Training has had a bad run, and this can be put down to the delivery or context it was used. Personal Safety is a serious subject in many business sectors and at times has…[Read More]

Workplace Violence Training: Am I accountable as a Manager? This question is always asked on one of our workshops and it came to light after a member of staff reacted to a threat received from a member of the public, while carrying out their job role. The simple answer is that it is everyone’s responsibility to take…[Read More]