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Work Related Violence Training


Work Related Violence Training

Work related violence training is yet another phrase that we come across now on a regular basis, as someone has heard from someone else or they have attended a seminar on Health & Safety and remember it is something that may need addressed, but still are not sure of what to do.

The problem with this subject is that it is still classed as a taboo subject, even though we have taught it for over 8yrs from very large international companies through to small local companies who have some low level incidents or just need clarification on what to do.

The problem that we are encountering these days is that more and more staff are aware of their rights as an employee, and also the commitments the employer must provide to ensure safe systems are in place and a safe place to work.

Throughout the last few months we have received a higher degree of questions from employees asking us questions like:

  1. Does the employer have to have a directive or guidance on working alone?
  2. Have I got legal standing if I have been assaulted in the workplace?
  3. I have been assaulted, so what do I do now?
  4. I don’t feel safe in my current Job, as my Line Manager is ignoring my pleas for help?
  5. How do I take Legal Action against my Line Manager?

The above are quite strong statements of people who sometimes may be reacting emotionally to a situation, but be aware these are only a handful of the requests we receive through our website, and plus on the flip side of things it may because the Line Manger or employer does not know where to turn for advice.

Whatever anyone thinks work related violence is more common than most people think, and if not tackled correctly or nipped in the bud quickly everyone involved will suffer.

If you think our work related violence training could help you, or you just would like some guidance then contact us at Quell.

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