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Quell moves forward with E Learning

We at Quell over the years have been approached by many different organisations within our sector of workplace violence, from panic alarms to different types of training aids, but a high degree of our clients know how cautious we have always been at putting the name of Quell against a certain product, a lot of our training helps companies think of ideas and solutions to limit the amount of extra cost to protect staff.

But within the team at Quell we have all came to see benefits of a new E Learning program we have been actively working with for some time and in partnership with another leader in the Conflict Management, Lone Working and Dealing with… in pushing forward a up to date and visually/interactive selection of courses to aid companies in preventing incidents related to workplace violence.

These new programs will allow companies to restructure their own approach to the delivery of training to staff, for example if you are a small company with limited costs and resources we can help you with a online package that can accessed at anytime when registered in subjects relating to workplace violence. If you are a large multinational company and need to break up the training because of commitments and require only half-day training sessions, then we can help by using the E Learning and then half day packages if needed, or if a high risk is identified then a totally new design bespoke package will be created. Lastly whatever size you are but you need a different approach to your inductions for new staff to understand importance of Lone Working for example, then again we can help. Inclusive of one of our favourites is that if your staff underwent training 2yrs previously and you and your staff would benefit more from a refresher then the E Learning can be used for that as well.

This new form of training is something that we believe is needed to promote the levels of training in this sector, and is also showing now that everyone within the training delivery arena will have to update and change their approach towards the requirements of the clients.

If you would like to know more then please contact anyone at the Quell Team for more information.

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