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We at Quell over the years have been approached by many different organisations within our sector of workplace violence, from panic alarms to different types of training aids, but a high degree of our clients know how cautious we have always been at putting the name of Quell against a certain product, a lot of…[Read More]

Personal Safety Training is becoming more recognised It is clear to us at Quell that over the years the subject of Personal Safety Training has had a bad run, and this can be put down to the delivery or context it was used. Personal Safety is a serious subject in many business sectors and at times has…[Read More]

Workplace Violence Training: Am I accountable as a Manager? This question is always asked on one of our workshops and it came to light after a member of staff reacted to a threat received from a member of the public, while carrying out their job role. The simple answer is that it is everyone’s responsibility to take…[Read More]

As a company, Quell Training are always asked ‘Why would I need to train my staff in Conflict Management?’  We also frequently hear comments such as ‘Our company doesn’t face any form of abuse’ or ‘ none of my staff report any form of abuse to me!’ The truth is Conflict Management training is an…[Read More]

Conflict in the Workplace: Does it happen? This question was asked recently during a seminar that I recently spoke at about the three stages an organisation should take if they want to avoid Conflict in the Workplace. Good question I thought as it came from a supervisor who is in an industry where he has…[Read More]

  This was a question asked from a person who enquired about information on the training we provide. It is a very relevant one and does highlight the confusion some people may think of when looking into what we do as a training company. What is confidence training and what effect does it have on…[Read More]

Lone Working Training in Southern Ireland You may be surprised to learn that we at Quell have had a significant interest and influx of requests for training from the South of Ireland, and the interest levels seem to be continuing each week. What can this be put down to? Employers? Realising that they have a…[Read More]

Flying away from aggressive behavior As the economy emerges from the financial crisis of 2008, people have more disposable income to work with. So as a result air travel is on the rise. With more and more people opting for a foreign holiday, naturally there will be an increased number of people making use of…[Read More]

Dealing with Aggression in Education Aggression/bullying in learning environments is an ever growing concern. With beatings, death threats, and 24-hour harassment via technology, bullying has become a dangerous, life-threatening epidemic. It is an ever more popular approach for schools to take a zero tolerance policy on bullying. But how do they go about enforcing this?…[Read More]

Crisis Management Training in Ireland Over the years we have been delivering crisis management in Ireland in its various forms that relate to workplace violence, and recently more and more companies are requesting the training to be directed to their concerns instead of the run of the mill generic training that some have received over…[Read More]