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Lone Working Training in Southern Ireland

Lone Working Training in Southern Ireland

You may be surprised to learn that we at Quell have had a significant interest and influx of requests for training from the South of Ireland, and the interest levels seem to be continuing each week.

What can this be put down to?


Realising that they have a duty to protect their workers from harm, or that they have more chance of being prosecuted by  local authorities now more than ever as the subject of workplace violence that incorporates lone working is more acknowledged now, than say five years ago.  I would also add that more managers are being taken by civil action if proven that they did not put in place systems or training to counteract incidents relating to abuse, threats and assaults?


Employees are more aware of the importance of being trained properly to prevent, deter and defuse incidents of workplace violence.  I also believe that employees do have a better understanding of their own rights, when faced with aggressive or potentially violent situations?


The subject of how the training is delivered has always been very large bowl of contention and it has also caused more debates and heated discussions by different training organisations over the years, from topics like it’s to Health & Safety orientated, to how much force should be used, even down to various levels of control & restraint being used.

However we at Quell believe we must be doing something right with our approach as the clients that we have been working with on projects such as lone working training in Ireland have continued to increase and repeat,  and anyone that owns a business knows that repeat business is a sign your doing something right.

Our training is not generic and does not come from ‘you tube’ or the ‘back of a magazine’, or do we take methods from other training organisations as our training is focused on the problems and issues relating to the attendee, so if you agree with my three short points and think we can help you with your training needs then please do hesitate to get in touch.

For more information on lone working training in southern Ireland, or any of our various training packages relating to workplace violence please contact us on the details below.

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