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Confidence Training, is that what our training is?


This was a question asked from a person who enquired about information on the training we provide.
It is a very relevant one and does highlight the confusion some people may think of when looking into what we do as a training company.

What is confidence training and what effect does it have on the average person. I came across this phrase once when working in London and it was supposed to give business people that little boost to tackle people and organisations in succeeding in what they were striving to do.

The approach we look at is that confidence training is not motivational training either but what we refer to as knowledge is power; for instance you can’t buy experience or develop it quickly in some areas and also experience by some is classed as making a different choice after a selection of bad decisions, and in truth that is also true.

So let’s look back at it again and explain what we class as confidence training in workplace violence. If you give anyone a different look at something, add a few problems followed by topping it off with a what if scenario, then help them to step back and see how there is always a clear and simple solution to a problem; that is how we believe you can build confidence in defusing what we class as workplace violence incidents.

We as a team actually do train in building confidence, and it’s all directed at helping our attendees appreciate if you understand the situation, then you can see an exit or resolution resulting in them gaining confidence and knowledge. The only approach we do differently is we don’t build a raft, blindfold or ask you to trust us while we catch you when you fall; we show you facts and then demonstrate how you can get out of a situation quickly and safely, or defuse it without escalating the situation further!

Answer: Yes but in a SMART manner.

Blog by Will Holland



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