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Lone Worker Training (Booking In & Out) Booking in & out of work or when conducting off site visits has been labelled over the years as “BIG BROTHER” and with that has developed an attitude towards the task.

Lone Working Training: When Should I leave? To some your response to this question may be so simple, it may just roll off the tongue; maybe this is because you have attended a workshop on Lone Working Training.

Preventing workplace violence: Team Meetings Workplace Violence is not seeing a dramatic increase according to the HSE, but statistics show that nearly 46% of staff who have previously been assaulted are not reporting a second incident and personally I believe that is not a good sign.

We at Quell over the years have been approached by many different organisations within our sector of workplace violence, from panic alarms to different types of training aids, but a high degree of our clients know how cautious we have always been at putting the name of Quell against a certain product, a lot of…[Read More]

Recently when delivering a session on Lone Worker Training an attendee commented before I had even started my session that he did not need the training, as he had done the job for 20 years and all he needed to remember was if he got in a difficult situation was to have no witnesses! I…[Read More]

This statement was made during one of our Lone working sessions last week. Seems like a simple enough comment to most but this is a common theme that a lot of the lone workers that we have trained have stated. It is impossible at times to judge the mood or attitude lone workers will encounter…[Read More]

Lone Worker Training: Unacceptable Behaviour?   Our Lone Worker Training has yet again, gained momentum at all levels. From training people responsible on the actions required through to the staff on how they are affected by procedures and policies, but more importantly how they can feel more confident when faced with unacceptable behaviour. So what…[Read More]

Workplace Violence Training: Am I accountable as a Manager? This question is always asked on one of our workshops and it came to light after a member of staff reacted to a threat received from a member of the public, while carrying out their job role. The simple answer is that it is everyone’s responsibility to take…[Read More]

Managing Lone Workers Heading up a team brings a range of responsibilities including a duty to ensure the well being and safety of your staff. So if you would like to know more then read what we have found from our clients and how to approach this subject. Lone workers often find themselves in vulnerable situations due…[Read More]

  If you hear someone say code words, we usually find people usually have two expressions and answers when it comes to lone working and the subject of code words. One:  “We never use them as it makes me feel stupid.” Two:  “Do they really work or are they really hard to remember.” We at…[Read More]