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Lone Working: I seem to go from one argument to another on Home visits!

This statement was made during one of our Lone working sessions last week.

Seems like a simple enough comment to most but this is a common theme that a lot of the lone workers that we have trained have stated.

It is impossible at times to judge the mood or attitude lone workers will encounter when conducting their meetings in other people’s homes during assessments or visits.

But during our training we look at all the preventative measures first and then discuss how we can use simple techniques like the plausible excuse to vacate the residence.  However leaving a situation of frustration or aggression means that you sometimes have to go back and in a perfect world you may be able to go back with two people, but realistically with current pressures and manpower constraints it can be difficult to go as a pair.  So what we look at are things such as the aggression cycle and how we can return after a few hours when adrenaline has decreased to the point where rational communication can be used to resolve the situation.

At times lone workers believe the only option is to stand their ground and try to defuse the escalating situation, but sometimes it is just as easier to leave, and return after a few hours.

We take the approach that the lone workers safety is paramount and we devise realistic skills to defuse and deter the possibility of aggression.

Blog by Will Holland

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