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Lone Worker Training: Unacceptable Behaviour?


Our Lone Worker Training has yet again, gained momentum at all levels. From training people responsible on the actions required through to the staff on how they are affected by procedures and policies, but more importantly how they can feel more confident when faced with unacceptable behaviour.

So what is unacceptable behaviour and how do we gauge what is right from wrong? I have seen many charts over the years giving indications and signs on what to look for, however the best way I feel explains it is “when something makes you feel uncomfortable and want to leave a location when working alone”.

Even this week I have been told about a 26 year old male entering a house and an elderly lady was stood behind the door in her underwear only. Now, the cynics may cheer and laugh down the pub over a few beers, but the position that male was put in was unacceptable and it was the intentions of the elderly lady to cause him stress. In answer to your question of what happened next is that he used a plausible excuse and vacated the house soonest and reported it to his line manager to be recorded, for anyone else visiting or dealing with the individual.

Lone worker training is beneficial if it is aimed at the risk, however it should not be ignored and I know some people will argue it is a waste of time, but it is training, when delivered correctly, that can help lone workers and provide them with essential ideas of what to do if an incident like the above arises.

We deliver courses at all levels when it comes to lone worker training, and also provide help and guidance.

So if you have or are a lone worker drop us an email or visit our training content pages and see if we can be of help to you.


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