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Managing Lone Workers

Managing Lone Workers

Heading up a team brings a range of responsibilities including a duty to ensure the well being and safety of your staff.

So if you would like to know more then read what we have found from our clients and how to approach this subject.

Lone workers often find themselves in vulnerable situations due to the nature of their work and should they become the victim of an incident of abuse or violence you’ll find that it is you as a Manager who will be in the spotlight answering a lot of potentially uncomfortable questions.

Do you know what your legal obligations are?  Have you done enough to ensure your staff are safe at work?  Would you know what to do should something serious happen to a member of your team?

Quell have designed a half day and full day workshops specifically designed for those who manage lone workers which will address these issues and help prepare you to effectively manage an incident of workplace violence involving a member of your staff.

The workshops will clearly and succinctly explain Health and Safety legislation which is pertinent to managers and ensure that delegates are aware of their legal duties and the policies they should have in place.  It will equip you with the skills you need to identify and assess risk.  We will also look at measures you can take to reduce risks to lone working staff and how you as a manager can effectively support staff following an incident of work related violence.  Case studies will further re-enforce best practice.

If you feel that you would like more information on Managing Lone Workers, then contact us at Quell on the details below.

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