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Lone Worker Training, I don’t need to learn this!

Recently when delivering a session on Lone Worker Training an attendee commented before I had even started my session that he did not need the training, as he had done the job for 20 years and all he needed to remember was if he got in a difficult situation was to have no witnesses!

I am sure a few readers of my blogs would probably gasp at the comment and think, no way would anyone in their right mind come out with a comment in public like that; well you would be wrong as comments like this arise every now and then in various styles throughout my delivery of workplace violence training.

However, it would be very easy for me to either laugh it off or concentrate on the comment, but we have to remember as trainers that sometimes people don’t want to admit they are vulnerable or be highlighted to the fact they could be at risk if they don’t do “A” or “B”. I always try to instil a degree of trust in my training by ensuring I am not there to teach them how to do their job, but to ask them what would they do if they were confronted with this or that?

Once my attendees at Lone Worker training realise there is more now to the delivery of Lone Worker Training, then they also see that effective techniques and proven skills can help them if they are faced with a situation of violence while working alone.

Remember it is good for everyone now and then to step back and think “what if”… even me!

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