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Crisis Management Training in Ireland

Crisis Management Training in Ireland

Over the years we have been delivering crisis management in Ireland in its various forms that relate to workplace violence, and recently more and more companies are requesting the training to be directed to their concerns instead of the run of the mill generic training that some have received over the years.

As we always highlight during our training, blogs and presentations that we now give to different organisations and at business events, the learners, attendees or staff want more.

The classic let’s just show a video or put up hundreds of boring PowerPoint slide days are truly dead and over, as people want to be physically shown how to prevent, deter and defuse incidents relating to crisis management training.

We as a team have seen the interest in crisis management training escalate, as managers see their responsibilities to their staff’s safety be highlighted by various Health & Safety organisations and also introducing best practice bench mark for delivery of service.

You also have to remember that crisis management training cannot just be delivered by anyone.  We have seen evidence of this through the number of new clients that we are receiving who are asking us to reteach or design a course to put their staff back on the right track when dealing with people who are difficult or aggressive.

This subject is not an easy subject to deliver, as you have to look at the levels of risk faced by your attendees, then train them at the right level without being insulting or patronising, then give them the respect to voice their concerns and then turn that around for them to actively partake in the training, but above all understand that the skills taught are not only fun to learn, but are realistic, beneficial and can be used in most incidents.

Our recognition and references in the Island of Ireland are significant and continue to grow.  If you would like to know more about our crisis management training in Ireland or Northern Ireland, and also how we can construct it towards your specific risks then please do not hesitate to call or email us on the details below.

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