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We have already received comments and emails from our blog yesterday and as requested below is 9 reasons to why you may need a Workplace Violence Policy.

Preventing workplace violence: Team Meetings Workplace Violence is not seeing a dramatic increase according to the HSE, but statistics show that nearly 46% of staff who have previously been assaulted are not reporting a second incident and personally I believe that is not a good sign.

We at Quell over the years have been approached by many different organisations within our sector of workplace violence, from panic alarms to different types of training aids, but a high degree of our clients know how cautious we have always been at putting the name of Quell against a certain product, a lot of…[Read More]

Workplace violence training is a taboo subject that is on the increase and a number of business’s have a tendency to say ‘it never happens in our business or they just have not realised that it does happen’.  So let’s sit back and think about the wording of that statement, after all it does strike…[Read More]

Personal Safety Training is becoming more recognised It is clear to us at Quell that over the years the subject of Personal Safety Training has had a bad run, and this can be put down to the delivery or context it was used. Personal Safety is a serious subject in many business sectors and at times has…[Read More]

This is an easy answer for me as being a product and service provider that includes a significant section in delivering of lone worker training. My answer to this is to simply say ‘next question please’. When the dreaded word “recession” is used we all have different opinions and ideas of how it’s progressing or…[Read More]

Dealing with Violence in the workplace Dealing with Violence in the workplace is a very powerful and sensitive subject for many employers and employees, as it can have massive consequences if not dealt with or prevented correctly. The subject of any type of Violence in a person’s life has the victims suffering from depression, lack…[Read More]

Crisis Management Training in Ireland Over the years we have been delivering crisis management in Ireland in its various forms that relate to workplace violence, and recently more and more companies are requesting the training to be directed to their concerns instead of the run of the mill generic training that some have received over…[Read More]

There has been a lot of media focus on the subject of Workplace Violence Policies recently but how many of us actually know what this type of policy is for? This is a question that John Morris, Senior Trainer at Quell is happy to shed some light on: ‘Clearly the most important issue is that…[Read More]

  This is a simple phrase we come across from time to time in relation to the training we deliver. However, just because your organisation might think this form of training is only suited to customer facing organisations, you might be shocked to know a high degree of problems with aggressive behaviour can also be…[Read More]