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Dealing with Violence in the workplace

Dealing with Violence in the workplace

Dealing with Violence in the workplace is a very powerful and sensitive subject for many employers and employees, as it can have massive consequences if not dealt with or prevented correctly.

The subject of any type of Violence in a person’s life has the victims suffering from depression, lack of motivation and behavioral changes.

However within the workplace we all have to feel safe and a desire to work hard to then feel the benefits of doing a good job, but when the job has an even small element of workplace violence it can have a devastating effect.

The promotion of providing a safe working environment has at times been only directed at subjects like First Aid, Manual Handling & even Working in Confined Spaces, and let’s be honest these do have their place in certain roles but the time and consideration of members of staff that Work alone, Deal with Aggressive Clients or are Public Facing don’t seem to have the same priority at times.

Dealing with Violence in the Workplace is something that any responsible Managing Director, CEO, Manager, Supervisor or Team Leader should reflect upon at times, as the safety of staff from Abuse, Threats & Assaults will and can have the same damaging effect onto an organisation than anyone having a serious accident.

When it comes to dealing with any form of aggression in the workplace it is very easy to go to the HSENI website and download their guidance notes, but to actually understand how to prevent, deter and defuse incidents can be another challenge. We always recommend asking staff, revise their risk assessment of their roles and if they give you incidents that they have faced relating to workplace violence you will need to react quickly and correctly.

If you need help on what to do in dealing with violence in the workplace please don’t hesitate to contact us on our details below or look at our client list and see the companies we have helped and continue to work with to reduce workplace violence.

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