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Personal Safety Training is becoming more recognised

Personal Safety Training is becoming more recognised

It is clear to us at Quell that over the years the subject of Personal Safety Training has had a bad run, and this can be put down to the delivery or context it was used.

Personal Safety is a serious subject in many business sectors and at times has been frowned upon by a select few senior staff as a waste of money or an inconvenience to the business. However it is still required if a risk has clearly been identified by a member of staff.

Over the years many sectors have relied on electronic equipment to counter act the problems faced to staff, if they require that bit of added security when working alone or with possible aggressive people, but like all equipment it has its limitations and sometimes the best approach is to have staff readily prepared through effective training to face risks.

Within United Kingdom & Ireland we have had a tendency to not worry about the subject of workplace violence and therefore this takes us away from this subject of personal safety of ourselves or our staff, but it has been noted especially by us at Quell that more and more sectors are now acknowledging the problems faced by staff and therefore introducing personal safety training to help stop incidents from increasing.
I would encourage anyone from a staff member through to senior members of staff to look at the risks faced by themselves or others in relation to personal safety and then devise effective measures to prevent, deter and defuse or better still call us at Quell to see if we can help you.

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