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Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour, why do I need my staff to learn that?


This is a simple phrase we come across from time to time in relation to the training we deliver. However, just because your organisation might think this form of training is only suited to customer facing organisations, you might be shocked to know a high degree of problems with aggressive behaviour can also be internal.

Recently, through frustrations and the pressures of work life, some organisations have seen aggressive natures increase in the workplace, the answer for some organisations has been to quote the bullying and harassment policy, however this in parts does not inform the staff how to defuse or discourage this behaviour but can simply direct to reporting procedure and hope for the best.

We always recommend you have it clearly written down in policy what abuse, threats and assaults are and also highlight the legal obligations for each member of staff. It will not only be a lovely extra folder you have on your desk or shelf, but an extra piece of material to refer staff to if they become aggressive.

Training on communication (e.g. Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour) is another element which can be overlooked at times along with the importance of recognising the signs of someone being frustrated or potentially aggressive. It is sometimes our own fault when we don’t recognise these signs, because if we did always recognise when someone is frustrated we would never be involved in an argument again. I ask you to think back to the last time you were involved in an argument and then work out how it started?

Don’t always think training like dealing with aggressive behaviour is for people who work at the cold face of any orgnaisation as nearly 70% of all workplace related violence has been internal.

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Article by Will Holland


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