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  This is a simple phrase we come across from time to time in relation to the training we deliver. However, just because your organisation might think this form of training is only suited to customer facing organisations, you might be shocked to know a high degree of problems with aggressive behaviour can also be…[Read More]

Dealing with Aggressive Customers in the Retail Sector The issue The poll of 800 shop workers by ‘The Recruitment Website’ found that almost all of them had regularly suffered abuse with almost two out of three workers claiming that they had been shouted and sworn at. In the workplace, one of the most difficult situations…[Read More]

  I want to train all my staff in Personal Safety Training incorporating how to fight off an armed attacker? This comment is a line that some of our new clients are using, as they have been told that it is the safest way to cover all the subjects of protecting your staff, with the…[Read More]

Risk Assessing of Staff in Workplace Violence Should I carryout Risk Assessing of Staff in Workplace Violence or wait to see what may or may not happen?

This is a question sent to us by one of our current public service clients, and it was because they had been inundated with requests from staff wanting either Conflict Management Training or Conflict Resolution Training; however they wished to know the difference.

  Dealing with Aggressive Colleagues and Staff Training: Is it needed? Another question was asked to a member of the Quell team recently, when we were carrying out training in respect of Lone Working.

Personal Safety Training (Stalking) Recently we received a request for personal safety training, but to also include concerns staff had with the subject of stalking. On first listening to the request everyone in the team did think the worst case scenario, however when we met the clients and staff it was apparent that this was…[Read More]

De escalation Training Quell always likes to help companies small and large understand the risks they face, and more importantly if needed clarification on the training required. Recently a company requested that we supply a workshop specifically looking into the skills to de escalate members of the public when staff are visiting off site locations.

Dealing with Difficult Situations Courses The subject of dealing with difficult situations is always a sensitive subject for many different industries and especially those who may have to work alone. As we draw closer into 2014 some of us may let our own personal safety slide a little and worse even forget about our responsibilities…[Read More]

Managing Lone Workers Training Trebles in the Current Climate We at Quell Training have seen an increase in our training packages due to mangers realising that they are more accountable if their lone working staff are injured or assaulted in the workplace.