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Antisocial Behaviour: Personal Safety Training


Antisocial Behaviour: Personal Safety Training

We all know that a week does not go by when you hear the subject of anti social behaviour being mentioned, whether it is through a story from the media of an assault or damage of building or monument, right through to a politician with his version of how he would sort the problem out from a boot camp through to a holiday in Spain and a Cuddle!!!

The stigma of antisocial behaviour it seems at times to be focused on residents who live in certain areas, which at times does project the image of gangs and groups of teenagers hanging around being loud and disruptive.

What we have found out over the past few years is that quite rightly the plight and problems faced by residents should be shown and highlighted, but also that workers or the lone worker that has to work within these areas can be affected as well.  We have found on many occasions workers who are trying to work within these areas on everything from home visits right through to fixing water mains or even checking of the electric meter can face anti social behaviour.

That is why we have designed and implemented training packages to help prevent, deter and defuse such incidents.

Let’s be factual about antisocial behaviour and draw the line in the sand by stating that we do not hold the key to stop antisocial behaviour, but what we do is help organisations protect their members of staff and put in place systems that help them prevent incidents, and also more importantly know how to react if a member of staff is injured or is missing during the course of their job.

Dealing with antisocial behaviour is always going to be a tough subject, but when it comes to having the knowledge through effective and professional training will always give you that better footing to deal with it more effectively and also help your personal safety as well.

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